Are you tired of being constantly distributed by outside noise while working or studying at home? Look no further than secondary glazing!

This solution is proven to be the best at reducing noise levels and providing a peaceful environment. Say Goodbye to distraction and hello to a peaceful house with secondary glazing.

This technique is very effective and a game changer when it comes to soundproofing. Not only does it block external noise, but it also enhances thermal insulation and security. Say goodbye to the restless nights and hello to a peaceful environment with secondary glazing.

Let’s discuss secondary glazing benefits in more detail and how it can help you block external noise.

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1. Increased Sound Insulation

Secondary glazing involves adding an additional layer of glass or panel to an existing window. Secondary glazing is placed on the inside of the primary window, which acts as an additional layer. This creates an air gap between the existing window and secondary glazing. The gap work as a buffer zone, reducing the direct transmission of sound waves. The additional layer enhances the sound insulation compared to the single-glazed window.

2. Sound Dampening

The air gap created by secondary glazing help reduces sound vibration. Sound waves lose energy as they pass through the air-filled space. This reduces their intensity when they reach the inner layer of glazing. This dampening effect helps to reduce the impact of external noise, making the interior environment of the house quieter and more comfortable space.

3. Disruption of sound pathways

Secondary Glazing disrupts the direct path of sound waves, providing an additional barrier for noise reduction. The air gap along with the thickness and material properties of the secondary glazing, changes the pathway of the sound waves, absorbing them to a certain extent before they reach the inner space.

4. Enhanced Sealing

Secondary Glazing systems are designed to provide a tight seal around the tight edges of the secondary glazing panel, reducing the potential for sound leakage. This sealing helps to prevent gaps and air leaks that could allow noise to penetrate into the room.

5. Flexibility in Material Selection

Secondary glazing allows you the flexibility to choose the material. Depending on the level of noise reduction required, different types of glass can be selected which can provide better acoustic performance. The glass can vary in thickness and acoustic properties. If you are wondering about the best acoustic glass option, read our in-detail article on which glass would work best for reducing noise.

6. Preserves Existing Windows

For homeowners who live in a listed property, secondary glazing can be installed without replacing the original window. This is very beneficial for heritage buildings or properties with unique architectural features when the original windows are important. Secondary Glazing can fit different windows and sizes, keeping the aesthetic appeal of the building. It is very unnoticeable and goes with the building. This provides an effective solution to noise reduction while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the building.

7. Addition Benefits

As well as improving the acoustic performance, secondary glazing offer either benefits. This includes thermal insulation and extra security. It improves the thermal insulation and stops the heating to escape through the window which results in reduced bills and provides a comfortable home. The additional layer of glass works as a barrier again intruders and provides extra security for the home.


To conclude, Secondary glazing can be a great option for homeowners who are struggling to reduce unwanted noise and looking for a solution.

Secondary Glazing can make their home more comfortable and provide them with peace of mind.

Here at Granada, we have over 35 years of experience in helping install secondary glazing for homeowners like yourself.

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