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Secondary glazing gives you more than double the sound protection you would receive from a standard double glazing product.  It also offers increased thermal insulation when compared to it’s more traditional counterparts. For heritage properties, you get all the preservation advantages of double glazing without destroying the look, history or status of existing structures. All this is made to fit exactly to your bespoke specifications using precision machinery.


Custom-made to order

Our discreet, internal windows are installed into the window space using either face-fixed or reveal-fixed units. There is a 10-20cm air gap between our system and the existing window which drastically improves both thermal and acoustic performance.

Units are made-to-measure from a vast selection of window styles and shapes. We supply horizontal sliders, vertical sliders, hinged units, fixed and lift-out windows.

Preserving looks and style

Trusted by homeowners who want the benefits of insulated windows while preserving the appearance of their existing property, Granada secondary glazing is the modern way to upgrade home comfort without compromising on heritage or style. Being conservation-area conscious, heritage facades and interior features are preserved whilst thermal-efficiency is maximised.


Scientific acoustic protection

We use special acoustic glass that reduces sound penetration by up to 54dB. Glass is made thicker than double-glazing with an air-cavity of between 15–20mm. Street-facing properties benefit where sleep quality is normally affected. Commercial property owners can also meet building standards on acoustic thresholds.

Energy efficiency maximised

Our low-E glass system has a reflective coating which diverts heat back into a room. Made with an 8mm air-filled cavity, the special glazing has added heat-retention, will reduce your home’s energy consumption and allow you to save a great deal on heating your home.  This in turn improves your overall carbon footprint.


Precision engineered

Our aluminium frames are slim, unobtrusive and engineered to exacting standards in our purpose-built factory. Frames are made-to-measure from a huge range of window styles and shapes, curves and arches. We use precision CAD measuring and CNC machines to make bespoke frames and fully trained installers to fit to our exacting standard.

Vast colour and style range

Find the perfect colour for your Granada window insulation system using our range of over 200 RAL colours.

Whether you’re in a newly built home, listed property or commercial environment, you will find the perfect colour to match your decor.


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