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As part of our service, we can attend your offices to give a presentation on the science behind managing the acoustics and insulation of windows. It’s a fascinating and informative 45 minute exercise during which we illustrate, through various samples and case studies, the factors involved in secondary glazing and how to leverage them to create an ideal living space and better aesthetic for your client.

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An opportunity for architects

The two main objectives for architects are to create an ideal living space whilst minimising carbon footprint, and also not detracting from the overall look and appeal of a property. Secondary glazing adds to both in substantial ways. Book a CPD to find out exactly how secondary glazing has become a highly popular design trend.

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Refurbishing old to make new

As available development space becomes more scarce, older and listed buildings become candidates for refurbishment and redevelopment. This involves upgrading windows and doors to conform to modern building standards for both noise levels and insulation while addressing carbon targets, not to mention providing an additional layer of security.

You can build anywhere

Building near transport links is the holy grail for most developers but that comes with obvious downsides for residents or guests. Now, even architects of modern buildings use secondary glazing behind newly installed windows to reduce carbon footprint, for noise-proofing or to make windows a standout design feature.

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Reduced carbon footprint

These days, building regulations and carbon emission targets by clients are part of the brief. One of the easiest ways to drastically cut emissions for a new build or refurbishment is through heat efficiency, particularly windows where most heat is lost. Not only that, but bills from heating and air conditioning are also drastically reduced as are maintenance costs from condensation related issues.

Design aesthetics

Granada’s secondary glazing can be both discreet or a modern design feature with over 200 RAL colours to choose from. It caters to the trend of adding additional colour and character rather than blending in. Secondary glazing could be the ‘little bit extra’ your design needs.

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