Make external noise a thing of the past

Secondary glazing provides the most effective levels of noise reduction on the market today, outperforming even the most advanced double-glazed units. A Granada secondary glazed unit, when paired with a primary window, offers unrivalled levels of acoustic performance, allowing you to truly enjoy the peace and quiet of your home.

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Perfect for built-up areas

As the amount of land for new housing becomes increasingly scare, more and more homes are forced to be built in traditionally noisy areas. Homes near trainlines and within airport flightpaths in particular are becoming increasingly common. Thankfully, secondary glazing means this is no longer an issue. No matter the level of external noise, our secondary glazing system provides an ideal deterrent, keeping any unwanted sound firmly outside.


Effective decibel reduction

Our entire range is extensively tested to ensure we’re offering the best possible levels of noise reduction to homeowners. Our hinged units in particular can offer a reduction of up to 54 decibels when paired with acoustic glazing. This reduction could quite easily be the difference between sitting in silence and sitting in a room where traffic, rainfall and building works can still be heard.

A scientific solution

The very nature of secondary glazing means it offers a three-pronged defensive against intrusive external noise. Any sound would need to first penetrate the glazing within the primary window, then pass through the air gap to the secondary unit, then finally pass through the secondary glazing itself. This triple barrier defence is why secondary glazing is such an effective noise reduction tool.


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