Secondary glazing makes your home warmer, quieter and more secure.

Reduce noise levels in your home by up to 80% and reduce heat loss by up to 65% when you install secondary glazing.

Granada Secondary Glazing is the largest manufacturer of secondary glazing in the UK, producing around 25,000 frames every single year.

What Is Secondary Glazing?

Fixed to either the face or the reveal of the existing window, secondary glazing features the installation of a ‘secondary’ window unit, offering an additional barrier against external noise and heat loss, without any compromise on aesthetics. Sealed around the edges, the secondary unit sits independently from the existing window and comes in several different variations. With an easy, no fuss installation process, homeowners throughout the UK are making the switch to secondary glazing.

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Styled To Match Your Home

With five separate product types to choose from, plus the ability to have custom-manufactured shapes, there is no limit to the aesthetic capabilities of our secondary glazing. Whatever your style of existing window, there is a secondary glazing solution to match. All our product types feature the same slim-line, unobtrusive aesthetics. Long gone are the days of bulky secondary glazed frames, our product range is fully optimised for modern day living.

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Slim, Discreet and Stylish

Our secondary glazing fits into traditional and contemporary décor and doesn’t affect the appearance of existing windows. Engineered to fit exactly on or within the original window with a choice of many styles and colours, our range is designed to blend in. Style, colour and shape can be tailored to your exact requirements and specifications.

Additional Security For Your Home

Secondary glazing also acts as a visual deterrent and additional barrier to entry. We use toughened glass and best-grade aluminium profile to manufacture windows that are virtually unbreakable. No need for unsightly measures that will affect the value of your property. Thanks to secondary glazing, our customers can enjoy a warmer, home secure home, without damaging their existing décor.

What homeowners are saying...

“Great communication and prompt, friendly service. We had secondary glazing fitted throughout our 17th century listed farmhouse and it is noticeably warmer, but most importantly for us the condensation has been massively reduced!” John Mitchell - 27 Nov 2020

“So surprised at how effective it is at stopping sound. It has made my room almost completely silent and has completely wiped away the noise of the road. For the first night ever, I’ve slept without earplugs.” Bobby Pec - 28 Nov 2020

“When I saw the end product, I was literally speechless as it was so beautifully finished and in keeping with the original frame.” Shana Mona Khan - 6 Dec 2020

Reduce Noise and Retain Heat

To reduce noise and improve thermal insulation, secondary glazing offers an effective and affordable alternative to traditional window replacement. If external noise is a persistent issue in your home, secondary glazing is the most effective way to preserve and enhance your peace and quiet. If draughty windows are of bigger concern for your property, secondary glazing adds an extra layer of defence to protect your home from heat loss. The results are staggering, with reduced noise levels of up to 80% and a reduction in heat loss of up to 65%.

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Easy To Maintain

Several of our product types come with removable secondary glazed frames, allowing for unrivalled cleaning and maintenance access. Our new secondary glazing product range expands on this, offering a brand-new ‘Slide Past’ variation of our vertical sliding unit, which removes blind spots for cleaning access. The purpose of secondary glazing is to enhance what is already there, which is why we’ve worked to ensure all our product types are easy to maintain.

Advanced Quality Products

We use only the highest grade, strongest and most durable aluminium to produce secondary glazing units of unparalleled quality. They are all crafted and engineered at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sheffield, incorporating best-of-British workmanship.

Installation and 10-Year Warranty

Granada-approved installers are trained and accredited by us, or you can employ your own fitter. Our 10-year manufacturer warranty is standard on all products, in addition to the installer’s warranty. We control the entire manufacturing process, so quality is assured, and have a leading reputation of over 35 years industry experience.

A colour to suit your scheme

Find the perfect match for your Granada secondary glazing using our range of over 200 RAL colours. Whether you own a new build, listed property or commercial property, we can fit your requirement.

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Seamless Installation

We recommend that our secondary glazing products are installed by one of our trusted, verified installers. We work with only the best installation companies across the UK to ensure homeowners are offered a seamless secondary glazing installation. Products can be provided in kit form for self-installation upon request, though we do recommend using one of our dedicated secondary glazing installers.

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Find Inspiration

Explore hundreds of design options whether you’re upgrading an older property or increasing the value of an existing one. Find solutions and your inspiration here – just imagine the possibilities. Our installers transform properties whether old or new, listed or newly built, into energy-efficient, fully functioning spaces.

An Array Of Benefits

Beyond the reduction in external noise and heat loss, secondary glazing also allows homes to retain their character and charm, whilst benefitting from 21st century thermal and acoustic performance. In monetary terms, replacing timber sash windows can often be an expensive affair. Installing secondary glazing on the other hand is a far cheaper and simpler process. The cost saving doesn’t stop there though, as our secondary glazing solution radically reduces heating costs by ensuring the cold weather remains outside.

Secondary Glazing vs Double Glazing

From a noise cancellation perspective, secondary glazing is the most effective way to reduce noise within our customers homes, even more so than the most high-spec double glazing solution. The small gap between the existing window and the secondary unit effectively acts as an acoustic insulator, blocking sound as it attends to enter the property. Our secondary glazing is manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery to lock-in a tightly sealed frame which reduces noise levels by up to a whopping 80%.

Tap Into Healthier, Smarter Living

A greater sense of well-being begins with the spaces around us. We are inspired by light-filled, quiet and comfortable rooms that also let the views in. It’s how everyone wants to live today. We at Granada design and manufacture affordable secondary glazing products that support this vision.

Secondary Glazing FAQs

Secondary glazing is used to combat all sorts of annoyances within the home. Noise, cold temperatures and condensation issues can be managed and controlled using our solution. We also offer multiple design and glass options to match your décor.

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Our whole range of secondary glazing is made to measure and features an unobtrusive profile. We can fit a range of standard window styles and even offer a bespoke secondary glazing service for the less common shapes.

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Secondary glazing is scientifically proven to reduce noise in your home by up to 54 decibels, giving your windows unrivalled levels of acoustic performance. Perfect for built-up areas such as homes near trainlines or under flightpaths.

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The extra layer of protection offered by secondary glazing ensures the heat remains firmly within your home. Our solutions reduce heat loss by up to 60% and improves your carbon footprint.

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Secondary glazing outperforms double glazing in nearly all areas. Offering more than double the sound protection as well as increased thermal insulation. Secondary glazing can also be used on heritage properties without destroying to history or the status of the building.

Take a look at the other secondary glazing benefits.

You’ll be amazed at how cost-effective our entire suite of secondary glazing products are. You also receive the added benefit of saving money with secondary glazing installed, as your energy bills reduce due to less heat escaping.

Take a look at how secondary glazing can save you money and how it can add value to your home.

Alongside the thermal and noise benefits that you receive with secondary glazing, it also adds an additional layer of protection to your home against any would be intruders. A very discreet security feature that reduces the need for unsightly grills and other preventative measures.

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