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Our secondary glazing system  is the ultimate solution in combating draughty windows and external noise. It features the precision installation of a slimline glazed unit inside existing windows. The results are achieved through an insulated pocket of air between existing windows and secondary unit that combats noise and cold ingress using a system of robust frames and specialized glazing. The outcome is an affordable system that offers extensive acoustic, thermal and security benefits without affecting appearance in any way.

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The science behind the product

A pocket of trapped air between two layers of glass will absorb soundwaves and also insulate against heat loss. The skill lies in creating a system of air pockets, measuring and constructing them to be fully effective for the requirement.

Secondary glazing is also better quality than ordinary double glazing in both its manufacturing and glazing properties.


The Granada difference

If it’s primarily sound insulation that is needed, special acoustic glass is used. If there are heat insulation and draught exclusion issues, the glazing type is specified accordingly. We design both glazing and frames to exact specification according to the needs of the homeowner.

Precision measurements, manufacturer’s skill, the quality of the product and a properly trained installers are key to the overall success of our secondary glazing system.  We oversee every part the process.

Skilled manufacture

Granada’s skill lies in making units so slim and discreet that they blend seemlessly into existing décor. We make sure the quality of materials and workmanship are exacting, that products are made to our own impeccably high standards and units are fitted with expertise.

Our slim design is ideal for heritage properties where double glazing is likely to negatively impact the buildings period features. Authentic style is retained and means modern comfort and convenience can also be enjoyed.


Discreet additional security

Secondary glazing increases security by adding an extra layer of protection against any would-be intruders.  Our range of products also acts as a strong visual deterrent for anyone who may be peering in to assess your property’s vulnerability.

All round benefits

Homeowners who live on busy roads, near train lines or under aircraft flightpaths are also delighted that secondary glazing gives their property a new lease of life by almost completely eliminating external noise.

Most UK homes suffer from at least one these issues, thankfully our products offer a stylish and affordable solution to noise, cold and draughts. Secondary glazing is also used by countless leading hotels and commercial developments.


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