For listed properties
A lightweight removable panel within a frame

The lift out solution is ideal for listed and heritage properties where installing double glazing isn’t a viable option. It is ideal for windows that require only occasional access, with the unit capable of being easily lifted out when required.

Secondary glazing frames sit behind the window unobtrusively, adding a layer of insulation without affecting a property’s outer appearance. It creates the modern comforts of 80% noise reduction and 65% extra thermal insulation without sacrificing style.

Secondary Glazing Illustration
The Granada difference
Secondary glazing offers the most effective sound insulation. Reduces noise by up to 80% and significantly outperforms double glazing.
Improves thermal insulation of existing single-glazed windows by around 65%, approximately 10% more than double glazing achieves.
An affordable, discreet, highly effective solution to enhancing security. No external access required, ideal for multi-storey buildings.

The Spec

A comprehensive selection of designs is available including; Heritage, Traditional, and Slimline models. Choose from face-fixed or reveal-fixed units featuring a twin-track aluminium profile. The aluminium we use is slim but incredibly strong, meaning frames are able to hold larger panes without losing structural integrity.


Superior aluminium

The integral finger lift bar at the base of the panel allows it to be easily removed and put back. This aluminium panel option is far superior to its magnetic glazing counterparts. Because magnets are unable to support the weight of glass, the glazing is often made from ordinary acrylic. This is a great deal less efficient than glass when it comes to retaining heat.

Lightweight panels

Granada’s lightweight panels are easy to lift out when it comes the time for maintenance and cleaning. There will be no compromising the sightlines or the overall style of your windows. You get maximum heat efficiency and noise protection without altering traditional aesthetics.


Customised and guaranteed

We offer glazing from 4mm to 8.8mm so you can customise your removable lift out window for thermal as well as acoustic performance. Choose from over 200 unique RAL colours that blend effortlessly into the look of windows. And our 10-year guarantee means complete peace of mind.

You gain all the conveniences of modern living – cold draughts, noisy and unsecured single panes – without losing any of the style and traditional looks of your property.

Features & Options of Lift Out Secondary Glazing
Annoyances solved
Annoyances solved
Noise, cold, security, condensation issues managed and controlled.
Multiple design options
Multiple design options
Historic, contemporary, or unusual designs. 200 frame colours, lift out panels.
Many glazing options
Many glazing options
From 4 – 8mm thickness to thermal coatings, all fully customised.
Full advisory service
Helpline for homeowner product, service or installation queries.
Full advisory service
Delivery or installation
Local installers trained and accredited by us or home delivered.
Delivery or installation
10 Year Guarantee
For all frames and glazing. British factory made, engineered to last.
10 Year Guarantee

A colour to suit your scheme

Find the perfect match for your Granada window insulation system using our range of over 200 RAL colours. Whether you own a new build, listed property or commercial property, we can fit your requirement.


Lift Out Secondary Glazing FAQ's

What are the benefits of lift out secondary glazing?

Lift out glazing will bolster your windows acoustic and thermal performance, whilst still allowing access to the existing unit. Featuring the sleekest sightlines across our entire product range, our lift out secondary glazing is barely noticeable to the naked eye and can be made to match over 200 bespoke RAL colours.

What is lift out secondary glazing?

Lift out secondary glazing features the installation of a semi-permanent window unit either within the reveal, or fixed to the face, of the existing window. The unit can be removed by lifting it up into the bulkhead before sliding outwards. It’s an incredibly effective solution when only occasional access to the primary window is required.

What lift out secondary glazing products are available?

Our new product range features just one variation of lift out unit. Featuring ultra-sleek sightlines, our lift out secondary glazing is an unobtrusive as they some. The standard variation features one singular handle section along the bottom of the unit, whilst a full perimeter handle section is available upon request.

How secure is lift out secondary glazing?

Lift out secondary glazing will add an extra layer if protection to your home. The fact that this variation of secondary glazing features no dedicated opening mechanism makes it amongst the most difficult to access from the outside. In addition to the physicality of the product, lift out secondary glazing also provides a visual deterrent to any would-be intruders.

How easy is it to clean lift out secondary glazing? / How do you maintain lift out secondary glazing?

As the name suggests, lift out secondary glazing can be lifted completely out of its frame for unlimited cleaning access. The unit lifts up into the bulkhead, from there they can then be lifted out of the from with minimal effort. To make this process even easier, full perimeter handles can be fitted to the unit to allow the panel to be easily gripped.

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