Can Secondary Glazing Save You Money?

Will secondary glazing save you money? If you invest in Granada’s leading glazing, you’ll stand a much better chance. Secondary glazing can transform any home, improve its security, and even make it feel quieter.

When you invest in superb secondary glazing, you’ll add more glass to your window, protecting it from cold air and rain as well. That way, you can preserve your windows for longer, and improve the performance of your home.

Today, we know how crucial it is to be able to save money inside your home. With energy bills rising seemingly every day, it can sometimes feel impossible to get on top of them. That’s why installing secondary glazing can be so helpful.

You’ll add another durable window to protect your current ones, which use advanced materials to make your home channel energy more effectively. We use aluminium in our glazing, as well as ‘low E’ glass.

These materials make your secondary glazing able to save you money every day. Not only that, but the fitting makes the performance even better. You’ll get a made-to-measure window in the style, shape and size of your choice.

You can choose from face-fixed or reveal-fixed windows, both of which create an air gap that acts as a heat and sound barrier for your home. Also, you’ll be able to choose from over 200 RAL colour options for a unique and stylish design.

That way, you’ll be able to enhance both the look and feel of your home. And secondary glazing can do a lot more than only save you money. With another layer of protection for your home, it can give you more security and protect what matters most to you.

With thermal and sound insulation too, secondary glazing is an outstanding investment.

What is Secondary Glazing?

So how will your secondary glazing work to save you money? This system is, effectively, a window for your window. Secondary glazing involves fitting a discreet internal window to your current design.

By doing this, you can protect and preserve your existing window, while also still benefitting from it. While most glazing options are there to enhance existing windows, secondary glazing can even improve new designs.

That’s because you’ll get the same stunning materials you can find in the newest windows. We make our frames from aluminium, and use advanced glazing throughout the design.

Also, you can choose from a range of opening options to provide an elegant way to access your primary window. You could choose the popular horizontal sliders, but we also offer vertical sliders, hinged units, as well as fixed windows with no openings at all.

Secondary glazing is ideal if you live in a listed home or conservation area as well. If you have one of these homes, then you may have old windows that could be losing heat and cracking. However, conservation authorities can become hesitant to approve new windows.

That’s where secondary glazing is so useful. You can add a stylish cover to the window, keeping the original design intact. That way, you’ll preserve your home’s style but save money too.

Secondary Glazing Design.

The design of secondary glazing can help save you money. Firstly, the window doesn’t sit right up against your current one. Instead, there’ll be a gap of around 100-200mm between the panes of glass. That creates enough space to trap heat inside, creating a thermal barrier for your home.

Not only that, but it makes it more difficult for sounds from outside to distract you. Our secondary glazing can reduce 80% of external noise, making it perfect for peaceful living.

Also, secondary glazing is weatherproof. That means it can stop wind and rain from harming your home, and your existing window. As a result, you’ll also be able to reduce condensation and mould build-up.

Rather than have to spend time cleaning your windows regularly, secondary glazing can do most of the work for you. Because of this, the windows can last for years to come, and you’ll save money on repairs you’ll never need to make.

You can blend your new window in seamlessly with your home as well. You’ll be able to match the secondary glazing to your current window, or the walls surrounding it.

For example, you can choose an authentic woodgrain finish for the aluminium frame, or select a colour that complements your living space. That means your new investment won’t stick out, instead offering quiet performance and savings for your home.

Thermally Efficient Secondary Glazing to Save You Money.

Another reason to invest in secondary glazing is that it can save you energy as well as money. These designs improve the thermal insulation of existing windows enormously. If you’ve been thinking about adding double glazing to your home, you might want to think again.

That’s because secondary glazing can save 10% more energy, and it’ll reduce heat loss through your window by up to 65% too.

All that means you’ll feel a lot more comfortable in your living space. In most homes, you can lose up to 10% of your energy through poorly performing windows. Therefore, by fixing this, you’ll stop a lot of heat escaping.

However, you’ll also be able to prevent cold air from entering your home. With two windows in your home, you’ll have more insulation and fewer gaps for cold air to get through, stopping draughts from developing.

As a result, you can save far more energy inside your home. Because of this, secondary glazing can save you money on your bills every single day. It’ll even reduce your carbon footprint, as you won’t need to use your central heating nearly as often, saving energy inside your home.

With an aluminium frame and ‘low E’ glass, your new windows could have U-values as low as 1.87, making them a leading design with outstanding performance.

Long-Lasting Secondary Glazing.

Secondary glazing can also save you money over time. If you have older windows in your home, they may not have much time left. Timber windows can start to lose their shape after a few years without extensive maintenance.

However, spending all that time repainting and revarnishing the window every month at least isn’t worth it. Instead, you can add durable secondary glazing that is not only long-lasting but makes your current windows last longer too.

Because of this, you’ll be able to preserve the style of your home with ease. However, these windows can also protect you from threats. Secondary glazing adds an extra layer of security to your home, meaning that intruders won’t find much luck trying to break through them.

These designs are incredibly difficult to open from the outside, and the sturdy aluminium has a secure fix to make the window impact resistant.

Also, the window will feature locking systems and materials that negate most tactics a burglar can use. For example, they won’t be able to use cutting tools, tamper with the locks, or separate the glazing from the frame. Because of this, your windows will not only stay secure but last much longer too.

Aluminium frames can perform for 40 years or more at their peak, meaning secondary glazing can save you money for a lifetime.

Secondary Glazing Costs.

However, is secondary glazing cheap enough to save you money? The answer is that these designs are affordable and cost-effective options for your home. You’ll get the highest quality aluminium frames, but you can save money on these windows by choosing uPVC instead.

Also, you can select from a wide variety of glazing options, including toughened laminate glass or a fully sealed window. That means you can control the cost more closely.

You’ll also save money because you won’t have to replace your existing window. Taking the old window out can be tricky, and the whole replacement can take hours upon hours to do. Instead, you’ll be able to benefit from a more straightforward fitting.

Secondary glazing installations are much easier to manage and to plan, and there’s very rarely any delays or issues. Because of this, you can save money on the installation as well as on double glazing.

The best way to get secondary glazing to save you money, though, is to get a quote from Granada. We offer leading secondary glazing across the UK, with a bespoke service that puts you first.

We use approved hardware, including aluminium alloy 6063T6 following the BS EN 755 standard. That means the frame will be durable, and it won’t warp over time. Also, we use BS 7386-compliant brush seals and compression seals in line with BS 7412 & BS 5750.

Granada Secondary Glazing Can Save You Money.

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