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Following months of rigorous research and development, as well as countless consultations with several homeowners, trade customers and commercial partners, we’re delighted to finally be able to reveal our brand new, state-of-the-art secondary glazing product range. Featuring improved sightlines, ultra-durable slimline frames and an expanded glazing selection, our new range is a true gamechanger.

New Range vs Old Range

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Super-slim sightlines

Across each of the product types within our new range, we’ve worked to ensure our already impressive sightlines have been made even smaller. Homeowners will be able to enjoy an additional glass expanse – in some cases over 30mm extra when compared to our previous range – allowing their homes to be flooded with ample natural light. Rooms that feature our new range will feel bigger, lighter and more open as the views outside firmly take centre stage.

Exceptional acoustic performance

The sleek, unobtrusive aesthetics of our new range come fully equipped with equally impressive acoustic performance. Following extensive testing, we’re delighted to reveal that our new range performs just as well from a noise cancellation perspective as the old. Homeowners will not only be able to enjoy a more stylish window selection, they’ll also be able to enjoy a more tranquil home as a result.

Classic & Enhanced

Our new product range comes in two very distinct variations, the Classic and the Enhanced. The Classic range can accommodate 4mm glazing, whilst the Enhanced range accommodates up to 10.8mm and even 28mm double glazing for our Hinged product types. Unlike our current ranges – Traditional and Heritage – there is no difference in aesthetics between the Classic and the Enhanced. Homeowners can enjoy the same slimline aesthetics across both ranges.

Old Range vs New Range

To help bring to life the significant differences between the new range and the old, we’ve put together this handy table which outlines the key features and upgrades. As you’ll see, the improvements speak for themselves…

FeaturesOld RangeNew Range
Minimum combined sightline177mm146mm
Integrated Locks*
Available without subframe
Up to 10.8mm glazing
Perfect gasket line
Cleats for tight mitres
Locking catch
NEW Slidepass feature**
Anti-lift blocks

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