6 Easy Ways To Prepare Windows for Winter

Secondary Glazing is a simple and effective way to insulate your windows for winter and to make your home warmer all year round.

If you want to keep your home warm, one of the first questions you’d be asking is ‘How to insulate windows for winter?’. Windows and doors can let out the heat from your home if they aren’t energy efficient. The result is that you need to run your heating constantly to maintain a comfortable temperature. Another side effect of this is the fact that your energy bills are higher than necessary. This makes it highly important to insulate windows in winter and at any time of year.

Windows can let the heat out through the frames, the seams, as well as the glazing. Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you with the different requirements of each.

Insulating your windows for winter is simply a matter of ensuring that you don’t have any cracks or leaks that let in cold draughts or let the inside heat out. Here are some ways you can insulate your windows.

Here are some pro tips for keeping your home warm throughout the colder seasons and how to insulate your windows most effectively.

1. Insulate your Windows for Winter with Secondary Glazing

If you want a long-term solution to insulate your windows, we would recommend secondary glazing. Secondary glazing is a pane of glass with a discreet frame that is installed on the inside of your windows. The small amount of space between the window and the secondary glazing creates a buffer zone where air can’t circulate. As a result, this layer serves to insulate windows, trapping in heat and not letting it out.

What’s more, secondary glazing is discreet enough to be perfect for heritage buildings as well. These buildings are often restricted to single glazing. With secondary glazing, they can improve the windows’ thermal performance without affecting the outer appearance.

In addition to keeping your home warm unobtrusively, it offers balanced insulation while ensuring proper ventilation. The frames don’t affect the appearance of your house, either from the outside or inside.

Moreover, it’s a long-term solution as the frames can be swung or slid open when you want to open the windows. It also doesn’t affect the amount of sunlight you get, letting the heat of the sun warm your home.

The best part is, our secondary glazing is competitively priced. In fact, you can also get the quotes quite easily, just by contacting us with what you need. This makes secondary glazing one of the best ways to insulate windows.

In fact, why not contact us to find out more about how our secondary glazing can help you insulate your windows for winter?

2. Double and Triple Glazing for Window Insulation

Double or triple glazing for windows is a very effective way to insulate your home. The best part about it is that it has heat efficient frames as well as glazing. Both of these methods use two or three panes of glass with a small space between them. This gap traps warm air and stops it from leaching out, improving window insulation.

The only drawback that you might find it the cost, which might be prohibitive, especially if you’ve only recently replaced your windows. Also, certain listed properties may not have permission to replace their single glazed windows with modern double glazing.

3. Curtains to Insulate Your Windows

Before there were any high-tech methods of insulating your windows, there were curtains. Thick curtains especially are great for keeping your rooms warm. Like secondary glazing, they stop the movement of air, creating an effective layer of insulation.

Additionally, appropriate colour and design add to the overall aesthetic of the room. This means you can make your room look attractive even as you make it warmer. However, there is one significant disadvantage of using curtains for warmth. That drawback is that they block out sunlight. As a result, you can’t rely on the sun’s light or heat.

4. Window Insulation Film for Draught-Free Windows

Insulation films are a way of shrink-sealing your windows. These are clear plastic sheets that can be stuck on to the window. You can then use a hairdryer to heat-shrink them, so they cling tightly to the frame. These act to block draughts, as well as heat loss from inside, by sealing the seams and any cracks in the structure.

On the flip side, the film is relatively visible and makes the glass appear murky. If not done very smoothly, you can also see the folds of the shrunk film. What’s more, this is not a permanent solution and still allows heat to escape.

Secondary glazing, by comparison, is a discreet and unobtrusive way to make your home more thermally efficient by insulating windows. There are lots of option for winter window insulation and all year round, so it’s important to find the right one for the aesthetics and performance you need.

5. Cellular Shades or Blinds

If you like the idea of using curtains to insulate your windows, but don’t want to block sunlight, you might want to try cellular shades. These blinds can be transparent or translucent so don’t make the room as dark.

However, these might be somewhat costly, and will not give you as much insulation as heavy curtains.

6. Weather Sealing Strips

There are different types of weather sealing strips, with foam strips being the most popular. These are cheaply available and are easy to use. Just cut them to size, peel the backing, and stick over the seams and gaps.

However, this too is a temporary solution. Additionally, when you remove the sticky tape, it can leave the residue of the glue on your window. With painted frames, you may even find the paint peeling away with the tape.

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Secondary glazing is a cost-effective enhancement to the window insulation properties of any home. Retain your windows’ existing style and don’t compromise on performance either. If you’re looking for the best way to insulate windows, contact our team today.

With our experience and expertise, we understand how important it is to insulate windows. This will save you money and make your home cosier as a result. This makes insulating windows with secondary glazing a highly sought after solution for many homeowners.

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