When Paul Jones, who has worked as a trimmer in Granada’s workshop for two years, realised his family could benefit from secondary glazing in their home, we offered to provide them with glazing and put the acoustic properties of our products to the test.

For Paul and wife Amanda, having a comfortable home which meets their family’s needs is essential. All four of the couple’s children have varying degrees of Autism, with the youngest, in particular, being very sensitive to noise coming from outside the house.

Paul explained “Our house is for the most part ideal. Close to work for me and plenty of space for Amanda to homeschool our two youngest, but the street outside can be quite busy.”

“Noise from passing traffic and voices at night travel straight up to the kid’s bedrooms”, continues Paul “being Autistic, they are sensitive to elevated noise levels and have problems getting to sleep. We struggled to keep their rooms noise free and bedtime had become a real issue. We were in desperate need of something to make their bedrooms better for them”

Known for its ability to outperform double glazing on its acoustic performance, secondary glazing is a great choice for bedrooms where noise is an issue. Correctly fitted, it can reduce sound by as much as 54dB, that’s 80% in an average home.

Working for Granada, Paul is well versed in the benefits of our products and is pleased to have been given the chance to test secondary glazing in his own home.

Horizontal sliders (SS2), combined with acoustic glass, were fitted by Paul himself, leaving a cavity of 200mm for optimum noise reduction. The sleek frames complement the modern and colourful decor and aren’t immediately obvious.

The benefits were apparent immediately, “we knew straight away that it would change bedtimes” says Paul “secondary glazing hasn’t just reduced outside noise, it’s completely blocked it”

Busy mum Amanda tells us “the kids can now sleep through the night with no disruptions. Certain noises used to leave them restless and it was often difficult to get our youngest child back to sleep. We don’t have that issue at all now, the bedrooms are so peaceful at night time.”

Amanda concludes, “this has changed nightly routines for us. With no noise in the kid’s bedrooms, we can all get a good night’s sleep!”

Is secondary glazing right for you?

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