Granada’s Secondary Glazing helps a homeowner in York to preserve the design of their 1920’s window and eliminated external noise.

Suzanne McArdle – a York-based writer – was delighted with how Secondary glazing has been able to preserve the old style of her windows and reduce external noise in her 1920’s semi-detached home.

“Initially I wanted to keep the original window design. I thought the windows were very special, they were original to the house from 1920’s and I thought it was bad idea to change them. I wanted to keep the original features of the house. The exterior of the house looked charming because of the original windows”, said Suzanne.

Suzanne says that having the seven units installed – five vertical sliding units and two hinged units – has made a “huge difference” to her living environment. The vertical sliders and hinged units were glazed with 6mm toughened glass, with one unit in the front bedroom opting for 6.8mm acoustic glass for maximum performance.

The sitting room, bathroom, and bedroom windows were given a modern makeover by Granada Glazing, who implemented their secondary glazing system for a subtle yet contemporary aesthetic. Constructed with slim and sturdy aluminium, the frames were designed to feature the slimmest sightlines available. 

In order to maintain the status of the building, the vintage windows were left in place in order to retain the distinctive character and look of the exterior walls. Secondary glazing is usually the preferred approach when working with single-paned primary windows on historical buildings, providing greater comfort, peace, and security while still preserving the existing windows.

Suzanne adds: “The previous secondary glazing that we had installed did not cover the full window so the heat would simply escape. Now, with the help of Granada Secondary Glazing’s products we are in a place where much less heating is required.”

“That’s why we used Granada’s products, we wanted to keep the house warm and energy efficient without having to compromise on style or design.”

Granada Glazing’s lightweight aluminum secondary glazing frames are ideal for any type of property and come in more than 200 different shades of RAL paint. Not easily noticed, these frames are perfect for blending in with any kind of interior design. In their range, Granada offers hinged, sliding, vertical sliders, tilt-back, and lift-out styles. Furthermore, Granada Glazing also provides training and marketing assistance to their installers across the UK.
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