It can be very frustrating and disruptive when the constant noise from outside does not stop.

Maybe it’s because of the busy road, or loud noises from outside. This can both affect your mood and your quality of life.

All Properties can be affected by noise issues, but mostly its listed properties or properties with single-glazed timber windows.

We have highlighted the six most effective ways that you can use today to help you reduce noise. Keep reading to find out…

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1. Insulate your window with secondary glazing

The most effective method is insulating your window. There are many more options available in the market, but the most popular and best option is secondary glazing. Secondary glazing can work wonders for homeowners who are struggling to control the noise in their homes

As well as reducing the sound by up to 80%, it also offers many other options. Especially for homeowners with period properties where they don’t want to alter the design of the windows but still want to upgrade them.

It also helps to increase the thermal efficiency of a home, reducing bills and saving you money in the long run.

Secondary glazing has gained popularity amongst homeowners who’ve used the product to successfully upgrade their windows.

When opting to upgrade your window, secondary glazing offers many glass options that can be chosen specifically to target either external noise or heat loss.

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2. Install Soundproof curtains

This option is quite budget friendly for people who don’t want to spend any extra money but still want to reap the award of having a quiet home.

We know every home has curtains in their house. Installing heavy soundproof curtains or blinds can be a great way to reduce the unwanted noise coming from outside.

Keep in mind that these curtains should be made of heavy material, which will help to absorb sound waves, stopping them from being in your house.

This means if there is any busy traffic going past your home, the noise that will try to enter your house will be blocked by the thick curtains.

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3. Use Rugs and carpets

This is a very budget-friendly and cost-effective method. All the homes have spare rugs and carpets that are not being used.

The trick is to use rugs and carpets and layer them on one another. This will help to absorb the sound wave coming from outside or below the floor if you live in a flat.

This can also work as a DIY project, where you can style them in a way that goes well with the design of your home and does a good job of reducing the noise.

4. Soundproof the walls

This method can stretch your budget, but it’s still very effective. A lot of time, when you live in a busy neighbourhood or next to lots of houses, the noises can find a way to creep in.

Soundproofing the walls can be a great way to combat that. This will also provide additional benefits such as increasing the thermal efficiency of your home.

This can help you save money in the long run and can prove to be a great investment.  With lots of options available in the market, you can also try your hand at doing it yourself.

5. Rearrange the furniture

We can understand that to some people this can seem like a useless notion, but it can still help. This is quite an easy and small task that you can do to make a little difference.

You can try to put any larger-sized furniture such as bookcases or wardrobes next to the thin walls to absorb any incoming noises. These items can absorb sound waves reducing echo and noise in your home.

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6. Seal windows and Door

A lot of time, in old-built houses there are opening in windows and doors. Sealing leaky windows and doors can reduce the noise significantly and make a massive difference to the noise that enters your house.

You can seal these openings of windows and doors with weather stripping or caulk. These steps will help to create a tight seal and reduce the amount of noise that enters your home, resulting in a quieter and more peaceful environment.


To conclude, there are several ways you can try to reduce noise in your home. However, insulating your windows often proves to be the most effective.

Secondary glazing can provide the soundproofing that modern living standard demands, whilst preserving the character and appearance of older properties. if you want to reduce noise in your home, secondary glazing could be a lifesaver.

Here at Granada, we have over 35 years of experience in helping install secondary glazing for homeowners like yourself.

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