Unlike single glazed windows, secondary glazing is extremely difficult to open from the outside and provides an additional physical barrier against forced entry.

Affordable, discreet and highly effective

Windows are often seen as the weak point in building security. Secondary glazing offers an affordable, discreet, highly effective solution to help counter this issue. Unlike single windows, secondary glazing is extremely difficult to open from the outside and provides an additional physical barrier against forced entry.

Should attempts be made to breach the secondary glazing, the outer glazing can act as a vibration sensitive alarm, thus offering a warning before an attempt to breach the secondary glazing is made.

Tough and resistant

Frames are made from tough aluminium and securely fixed. Cutting tools are deterred through a sophisticated combination of glass, resin and polycarbonate, whilst the tampering of locks and catches, and removal of the glass or glazed panels, is also negated.

For commercial properties, vulnerable windows that are easily accessible are prime candidates for secondary glazing. Organisations involved in religious, medical or education practices, or those in sensitive areas of research and development, also benefit greatly from the added levels of security.

Inherently stronger

When you invest in secure secondary glazing, you’re creating an additional barrier between your home and the outside world. Compared with outdated single-glazed windows, secondary glazing is a true enhancement.  Highly secure secondary glazing is a strong barrier placed between you and any potential intruders.

What’s more, secondary glazing is a more cost-effective way to keep your home secure. For homeowners who are considering updating their existing windows with advanced locking mechanisms, secondary glazing is an excellent alternative. Even without additional locks or security features, the toughened panels are resilient.

Enjoy total peace of mind that your period property or listed building is shielded from potential intruders with secondary glazing’s security features. For a listed home or office, you want to keep it safe and preserved for your own wellbeing as well as the aesthetics and heritage of the property.

Protect your period property

Burglars are opportunistic. If a property looks like it contains something valuable, especially in the case of a top-end heritage property with single glazing, thieves will specifically target a property like this.  If this is a worry for you, secondary glazing is the ideal security solution.

Since you aren’t able to use advanced and toughened glazing to replace your authentic windows, you can benefit from the protection afforded to you from an additional panel of glazing. Secondary glazing stands out from the rest as a quick, simple, cost-effective and wholly effective way to prevent forced entry.

Enhanced security without compromise

Discreet secondary glazing means you can protect your home protected without advertising the fact. You can enjoy a secure additional barrier between your property and the outside world as well as the seamless aesthetics of your heritage home without compromising.

Secondary glazing is discreet which is why it is permitted for listed buildings. Homeowners can protect their loved ones and belongings without making it obvious that the property needs to be protected.

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