Granada’s Secondary Glazing has been used within the Hallamshire Hospital wards to provide patients with warmer and quieter rooms.

Run by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, The P1 Endoscopy ward and Hallamshire Hospital Q1 are located on the top floor building of Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

Hallamshire Hospital had previously redesigned some of its wards for the patients and had used Granada’s industry-leading secondary glazing. For this project, they wanted to refurb two additional wards and continue to use Granada’s products.

Working alongside O & P construction – in a bid to match the primary windows – Granada Glazing designed, manufactured and installed white-finished hinged secondary glazing units with two, three, and four panels in all 12 rooms.

The decision to use Hinged Secondary Glazing was based around the multi-point locking system that ensures the glass panel locks firmly in place. Pushing the panel close to the exterior frame forms a seal that traps the heat of the space while also reducing noise by 80% and adding an additional 70% of thermal insulation. The design also allows for easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Gary Shaw, a supervisor from O & P Construction, commented: “We opted for secondary glazing as we wanted to insulate the windows to save on heating costs, rather than removing the old windows which would have proven incredibly costly”

“You can see and feel a major difference. The rooms are a lot warmer now – if you open the door and between the outside window and secondary glazing, you can literally feel the cold air coming”

“Historically, in bad weather in particular, we used to be able to hear the rain pouring outside whereas it’s not completely quiet”

“If there’s ever a need to refurb any other wards within the hospital, Granada Secondary Glazing will absolutely be the first priority as its long-term solution to save heat and reduce noise.”

Granada secondary glazing is suitable for all property types and the frames are made of slimline aluminium which can be powder painted in more than 200 RAL colours.

They are virtually unnoticeable and match any interior design. The product line from Granada Glazing includes hinged, sliding, and vertical sliders with options for tilt back and lift-out.

Granada partners with architects and specifiers on the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality commercial secondary glazing for all sectors and building types across the UK.

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